Mickey Lawler 

  Using her grandmother's quilts as her only guide, Mickey began making quilts in 1968 and within ten years had constructed and hand-quilted over 100 full-size and crib-size quilts and had taught quiltmaking to over 1000 students. In 1983 she began painting cotton to satisfy her own need for landscape and textural types of fabric and subsequently created SKYDYES, a business specializing in hand-painted fabrics. Her exhibits and awards for quilting and surface design include the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, the Fabric Gardens exhibit which toured Japan in 1992, and Art Quilts: Playing with a Full Deck (1994).  Co-author of Not Just Another Quilt and author of Skydyes: a visual guide to Fabric Painting; an instructional DVD on Landscape Painting and SKYQUILTS, and more recently online classes, Mickey has been in demand as an enthusiastic instructor of her serendipitous style of fabric painting for the past 25 years.

Location: West Hartford, CT
Website: www.skydyes.com
Classes: 21. Paints on Fabric